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Are you Missing Out?

Are you struggling with sliding glass doors and windows that do not open properly to your outside areas?

Do you worry about the door sticking and causing a mishap when hosting an important business event or spending quality time with your family?

What if it jams when you are delivering a tray full of beverages and snacks for your guests?

When sliding glass door rollers become worn or clogged with dirt and debris, they can malfunction. You don’t need this kind of stress!

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Postponing Repairs Can Result in More Damage

Rollers may need to be replaced before more damage occurs. The frames or tracks can become bent, and the door can even slip off the track. It is a serious problem when a door jumps off the tracks; personal and property damage are almost certain, and securing your home or office is impossible. The aggravation and inconvenience can ruin your peace of mind.

Postponing  the repairs can even cause problems with the security locks. The lock may be damaged when continuously closing a misaligned door.

Damaged locks will leave your home or business space unprotected. Besides the security risk, a door that doesn’t close well allows valuable heating and cooling dollars to escape. Before a minor problem becomes a costly disaster, call the professionals.

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Help Is Available

Call Bay Area Sliding Door Repairs for your home or business needs in the Oldsmar area.

Our skilled technicians are background checked and standing ready to meet your busy schedule.

We provide stainless-steel, high quality parts that come with a Lifetime Warranty. With a wide variety of parts and sizes in stock, we can quickly repair your sliding glass door.

In Oldsmar, call (813) 712-0211 or click this link to schedule your appointment.

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Enjoy Your Time in Your Outdoor Space Again

With your doors repaired, you can relax and enjoy your outdoor space at home or work.

You are free to entertain as you please knowing your door will function properly after being repaired by a qualified technician.

"This company is very professional and the technicians were very helpful. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing repairs for sliding glass doors..."  - Nancy C.

Steps to Sliding Glass Door Repair Oldsmar

1. Contact BASDR

Call (813) 712-0211 or Click on Get Estimate

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2. Sliding Glass Door Gets Repaired

BASDR repairs glass door promptly & professionally

3. Life Gets More Enjoyable

You spend your time on more important life tasks