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Non-gliding Doors and Windows Are Annoying

When sliding glass doors catch as they open or close it can be annoying.

Attempting to open a sticking sliding glass door with a tray full of food or supplies can be more than annoying, it can become a catastrophe.

Are you risking embarrassing yourself in front of your guests or important business partners?

Sliding Glass Door Winning Battle Against Dunedin Woman
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Dunedin Lady Aggressively Pulling Hair Due to Malfunctioning Sliding Glass Door

When Rollers Do Not Roll

Are faulty sliding doors at your home or business ruining your quality of life?

The problem with your sliding glass door may only be normal wear and tear, or it could be something more serious. Tracks can become clogged or bent and rollers may become misaligned over time. What may appear to be a problem with the rollers, could be due to a bent track or a damaged frame.

Sliding glass door repair is not a DYI project. Do it yourself efforts could make the problem more costly and even cause harm to yourself or your property. Doors that don’t close completely allow for costly energy leaks, and if a door slips or jumps off the tracks, it is a serious safety issue.

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It is Time to Call a Professional

The qualified professionals at Bay Area Sliding Door Repairs service both commercial and residential customers in Dunedin. The technicians are trained to provide repairs in a cost efficient and timely manner.

After carefully evaluating the problem, a written estimate will be provided. The technician will answer any questions you may have. The stainless-steel parts come with a Lifetime Warranty.

In Dunedin, for sliding glass door or window repair, be sure to call (813) 712-0211 or just click here to schedule an appointment online.

Professional Looking Dunedin Sliding Door Repair Crew
Three Lines That Represent Design of Bay Area Sliding Door Repairs
Under 10 Boy Easily Moving Repaired Dunedin Sliding Door

Open Those Doors and Windows Again

With sliding glass doors that glide, and windows that open effortlessly, you can let the fresh air in.

You are free to entertain in your backyard or outdoor space again.

Hold your next family gathering or business event with confidence. Your guests can transition easily inside to outdoors, with just the touch of a finger to open a smooth sliding glass door.

"This company is very professional and the technicians were very helpful. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing repairs for sliding glass doors..."  - Nancy C.

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