How Bay Area Sliding Door Repairs Got Started

Several years ago Robert "Bob" Jennings noticed a need in the marketplace for quality sliding door repairs.

In 2019, he decided to do something about it and the doors of Bay Area Sliding Door Repairs were opened!

Bob brings a unique blend of formal education coupled with acquired life skills to his family owned and operated local company.

The Tennessee native did not start out with a plan to keep doors and windows rolling smoothly in the Tampa Bay Area, but his previous career prepared him well for this chosen field of service.

Bob spent twenty-five years in restaurant and restaurant related businesses. He traveled extensively with a national sales division for most of those years.

Along the way he met and married a third generation Tampa native, and added three sons to his family.
When the Florida sunshine beckoned, Bob and his family returned to his wife’s hometown, and he took early retirement. It didn’t last.

Bob saw a need for sliding door repairs in both the typical Florida home and many Florida businesses, which led to the establishment of Bay Area Sliding Door Repairs, which serves the entire Tampa Bay area.

His two younger sons obtained certification, and Bob returned to sales and service. His many years in the hospitality industry taught him the value of listening to a prospective client/customer and developing a plan of action as a team with that individual.

The phones at Bay Area Sliding Door Repairs are answered promptly, and calls are returned in a timely manner.

High quality, Lifetime Warrantied, stainless steel parts are used for repairs to ensure clients receive not only quality service but quality parts.

In keeping with the times, customers may reach Bay Area Sliding Door Repairs by calling the phone number or filling out the Get Estimate Form on this page – quality help is only a call or click away!

Three Lines That Represent Design of Bay Area Sliding Door Repairs

Our Mission

The mission of BASDR is to make the world a better place using quality products and unparalleled skills to reduce frustration.

"I believe the world will be a better place and people will generally be happier when all sliding doors they come in contact with open and close with ease."  - Bob Jennings

The SImple Tampa Sliding Door Repair Process

1. Contact BASDR

Call (813) 712-0211 or Click on Get Estimate

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2. Sliding Door Gets Repaired

BASDR repairs your door promptly & professionally

3. Life Gets More Enjoyable

You spend your time on more important life tasks