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Torn Screens Are Unattractive

Are your sliding door screens ripped, torn or even totally missing?

Florida Homes often have multiple sliding doors for access to pools, patios, and the outdoors in general. These high traffic areas are sure to show wear and tear from heavy daily use.

Besides looking unsightly, missing or torn screens can allow debris to collect in the tracks causing operational problems, and possible damage to the tracks or rollers.

Picture of Tampa Sliding Glass Door Screen That Is Torn and In Need of Repair
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Woman About to Go Loco on Her Ninos After They Busted Up Another Sliding Glass Door Screen at Home

A Potentially Dangerous Problem

If debris collects in the tracks the door may be difficult to open and close. The door may jam and even jump the track.

It is a serious safety problem when a sliding door jumps the track. If the door falls it is sure to damage not only the door, but other property and possibly cause serious injury to anyone nearby. If the door doesn’t fall, it cannot be locked or secured until it is replaced in the track. Scheduling routine maintenance for screen repair can prevent a dangerous sequence of events.

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Help Is Just A Call Away

Bay Area Sliding Door Repairs is ready to help with all your sliding glass door screen repairs and replacement needs.

We are just a phone call away if you prefer to speak to a professional, or simply click on the “Get Estimate” tab for online service. A trained technician will visit your home to provide a written statement of repairs along with a written estimate of the cost.

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Image of Residential Sliding Glass Door without Screen Because the Kid Broke It

Enjoy Easy Access To Your Outdoor Areas

Call today to enjoy your home time with family and friends. Properly installed screens allow you to take full advantage of the Florida lifestyle and welcome the outside in.

Replacing torn or damaged screens will allow fresh air to circulate inside your home, while keeping insects and debris away from your loved ones and pets.

"This company is very professional and the technicians were very helpful. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing repairs for sliding glass doors..."  - Nancy C.

Residential Sliding Glass Door Screen Repairs 123 Process

1. Contact BASDR

Call (813) 712-0211 or Click on Get Estimate

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2. Sliding Screen Gets Repaired

BASDR repairs screen promptly & professionally

3. Life Gets More Enjoyable

You spend your time on more important life tasks